Aravalli Biodiversity Park…

Aravalli Biodiversity Park

Ara means rock and valli means valley. Biodiversity means life diversity.

Aravalli biodiversity park spread over 153.7 hectares, near the Guru Dronacharya metro station in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

In Aravalli biodiversity park there are different species of plants such as:-

Aloe Vera Plant..

Scientific name = Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera’s yellow gel is better than transparent gel. It cures stomach healthy as most of the disease originates from the stomach. It also used to treat minor burns and heal dental problems.

Neem Tree..

Scientific name = Azadirachta induce

Indian lilac

Neem is mainly used as dermatological medicine. Neem used for Leprosy, eye disorder, bloody nose, gingivitis, stomach and liver problems. For birth control and abortion, neem leaves are very useful.

Sehjan Plant..

Scientific name = Moringa kaka

Drum Stick

These plants are rich in Vitamin A. It can be used to cure eye and skin problems & digestion immunity. It controls diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Harsingar Plant..

Scientific name = Nyctanthes Arbor-Tristis

Night Flowering Jasmine

Joint pain, arthritis, dengue, chikungunya and malaria are treated and healed by harsingar. And it is extremely bitter in taste.

Giloy Plant..

Scientific name = Tinosporau Cordifolia

Heart Leaved moonseed

Giloy is an Ayurvedic Herb. And it is useful/helpful in dengue , digestion , immunity and combats fever.

Sarpgandha Plant..

Scientific name = Rauvolfia Serpentina

Indian Snakeroot

Leaves of sarpgandha control blood pressure and it’s rooted medicines provide energy to the body. It is also useful in constipation, insomnia (trouble sleeping) and owing to reckless extraction.

Kal Megh Plant..

Scientific name = Andrographis Paniculata

Green Chiretta

Kal Megh is useful in reducing swelling. And prevents from fever, diarrhoea and typhoid.

Leek Plant..

Scientific name = Allium Ampdolrasum

Wild Garlic

It is a vegetable which is good for health, digestion, skin problems and controls cholesterol. It is a good source of dietary fibre, folate and Vitamin B6.

Brahm Buti Plant..

Scientific name = Bacopa Monnieri

Water Hyssop

It is a cooling agent and having anti-cancer properties. It contains powerful antioxidants which boost brain functioning.

Lemon Grass..

Scientific name = Cymbopogon

These are wiregrass having a silky head. These grasses are good for the immune system. Dogs and cats eat green grasses to eventually vomit out their entire waste.

Shehtoot Tree..

Scientific name = Morus Alba


Mulberry helps in the treatment of jaundice and also good for the immune system, skin and hairs also. It is a host plant and specific to silkworms. It contains Vitamin C and helps to build bone tissue.

Bael Patra Tree..

Scientific name = Marmelos

Japanese Bitter Orange

Leaves of Golden Apple used in dermatology. Stone Apple (bael patra) contains a chemical called Tannins which helps for the treatment for diarrhoea and reduce swelling. It is a cooling agent which curves the digestive system.

Arjun Tree..

Scientific name = Terminalia Arjuna

Hole Matthi

Arjun tree is used for Cardiac patients. Barks of this tree dipped into the water and consume it by this cholesterol level is reduced. Earache is also healed by its leaves.

Gudhal Plant..

Scientific name = Habiscus

China Rose

China rose is useful in hair growth, shining and dandruff free. The pulp of gudhal is used to heal skin wounds. It cures cough with its roots and lowers the temperature. It treats constipation, cancer, liver diseases and cold symptoms.

Patharchatta Plant..

Scientific name = Bryophyllum Pinnatum

Patharchatta plant is mainly used in homes for cures kidney stones. It is also useful in asthma, blood dysentery, insects bites and nephrolithiasis.

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