India’s getting Modern Transportation Revolution New Vision

Akhir kar jese jese saare Desh Modern or Upgraded hote jaa rahe h. Issi tarah Bharat bhi ab Is Field m Nazar aa raha h. India is Upgrading his Transportation System not Immidetily but Yes! Definatly.

How ?

Jesa ki Hum sab jaante h Petrol ke Rate Dhire Dhire bhadte jaa rahe h. Issi chiz ko dekhte hue kuch Car and Bike Industry is Problem ka solution nikalne m Lagi h.

So finally India m Electric Scooties k baad Ab Revolt ne Launch ki h Uski electric Bike. Jo apke Fuel ka kharcha adhe s bhi kam kar deti h. Jaha tak mene Study kiya h Ye bike Cover karti h More than 130 km in just 25 Rupees. To Essi ko dekhte hue Bajaj bhi is feild m aaya. And Then kya hona tha Tata is soon going to launched his Tata Tigor ES (electric model).

Benefits of Electric Car and Bike :

  1. Cheaper To Run On Roads as you can See In just 25 Rupees you cover 130 kilo meters.
  2. Pollution Free because There is no Burning Things in Car so How Pollution will come.
  3. No Noise pollution Because They are Quiet.
  4. My Favourite is Electricity is Cheaper Than Petrol or Other Gasoline
  5. Enviorment freindly

Disadvantages :

  1. Lack of Electricity filling Stations
  2. No pickup and great High Speed
  3. Not Reliable for Long Route and More
  4. Few People Demands for Electric Vehicles so there will be a loss in Resale Value.

These are Some points which we Need to be Keep in Mind. But well Its a First step of India Towards Electric Motors.

Short Looks at Electric Bikes and Car:

Tata Tigor EV

  1. Top Speed of 80kmph
  2. Fast charging System
  3. 5 Passanger seatting with Airbags

Revolt :

  1. India’s first electric Bike
  2. Advance Booking are Open for Pune and Delhi
  3. 1000 Token Money is Required as a downpayment.

According To Me This Product Will goinG to Capture market Very soon. So best of Luck to other Compines.

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